Advertising of medicines and medical devices and codes of conduct in the healtcahre industry will be debated during PRIA Drugs and Medicine Publicity Conference on February 20th 2018

PRIAevents organizes the PRIA Drugs and Medicine Publicity conference on February 20, 2018, starting at 9.30, an event at the 3rd edition, at this event we will discuss current topics of interest for the healthcare system, along with all those involved, such as the law on advertising of medicines and medical devices, codes of conduct of the healthcare industry, the role of regulators, the role of professional societies, the role of pharmaceutical chains, the regulation of advertising of dietary supplements. The role of the media as well as of the social networks will also be topics to be debated during this event.

At the PRIA Drugs and Medicine Publicity conference  speakers are:  Ms. Conf. Dr. Diana Păun – State Counselor, Department of Public Health, Presidential Administration, Farm. Pr. Anca CRUPARIU – Chief of Department of Policies and Strategies, NAMMD; Laszlo ATTILA – President, Health Commission, Romanian Senate; Lorand TUROS – Vice-President, Committee on Culture, Romanian Senate;  Dr. Carmen ORBAN – Manager, Institutul Clinic Fundeni;  Livică FĂTU – Lawyer, Romanian Doctors College; Dr. Oana COCIAŞU – President, RAC; Diana MEREU – Executive Director, RASCI; Dr. Gerald FLINTOACĂ-FILIP – Secretary General, PRISA; Radu GĂNESCU – Chairman, COPAC; Ioana ANESCU –Executive Director, IAB Romania; Marian PANĂ  – Communication Director, Romanian Pharmacist’s College. Te moderator of the conference is Raluca VOIVOZEANU – CEO of PRIA Conferences.

Advertising on medicines and drugs in the 21st century is governed by different directives, laws, regulations, guidelines and codes of ethics in each country, but  also governed by the same principles. Advertising of medicines includes publicity for the general public, health professionals, visits of medical representatives to prescribers, the provision of samples, the sponsorship of promotional meetings for professionals in the field, etc., as well as any form of promotion intended to stimulate the prescription, distribution, sale or consumption of medicines.

The advertising of medicines is a reality today market, but we must ensure that the promotion of medicines: is properly regulated; problem areas are identified and addressed quickly; the potential influence on the treatment decision, the results and costs is well understood; is properly balanced and supported by fully-sourced and scientifically validated sources of information.

The goal behind regulation advertising of medicines is: to encourage the rational use of medicines by objectively presenting them and not exaggerating their properties; to ensure that they are promoted correctly in terms of their benefits, being in line with the information listed in the summary of product characteristics; to ensure that advertising of medicines is not misleading.

The regulation of marketing in the pharmaceutical industry and the relations with health professionals, as well as the relations between pharma industry and patients’ associations, as well as the information sent to specialists and their organizations are subjects of great interest also in Romania.

The PRIA Drugs and Medicine Publicity Conference is an important event dedicated to the health system and brings together representatives of the authorities, companies producing or distributing medical devices and medical devices, pharmaceutical chains, doctors, patients and media representatives. discussing with all actors involved important issues about the advertising law on medicines and medical devices, OTC and food supplements.

Through this conference, the best opportunity is created to establish a constructive dialogue between authorities and companies, patients and the media. Advertising on medicines is an extremely important topic that interests us all.

What do we need to change to the current law? What can a company communicate to us when  launch an innovative product on the market? What promotional methods are available in addition to supplements to medicines? What are the ethical boundaries that can not be overcome?

What are the ethical and behavioral codes which  guides  the farm industry? But the specialists, but the managers of state and private hospitals?

Advertising in pharmacies. How is this regulated?

How is TV, radio and online advertising regulated for pharmacies? The role of Framocracy College

How is TV, radio and online advertising regulated for private hospitals and clinics? The role of the College of Physicians

How do patient associations see these borders? Are they obeying a course of conduct?

What role does the online environment play: websites, blogs, forums and social networks – Facebook and Youtube?

We will answer all of these questions at the PRIA Drugs and Medicine Publicity conference on February 20, 2018. Details of the event and enrollments can be found here

Health has been and will remain one of the main concerns of mankind. That is why PRIAevents focuses on organizing events where a wide range of topics of interest to both physicians and patients and to the healthcare industry in general is objective and detailed.

Medicines and their advertising has been very important over the years, with their help and medical research many lives have been saved. hey have had an important role in health care, lifetime, and have reduced the burden of illness and disability. That is why access of all patients to medicines is a priority all over the world.

Participate to the PRIA Drugs and Medicine Publicity conference to examine together the novelties, innovations, legislative changes on the advertising of drugs with impact on our communities, strategies and policies, as well as on the Romanian medicines industry, about the ethical codes of companies, physicians and other actors involved in health.

PRIAevents conferences brings to  attention  the most important and current topics of debate in each field and benefit from a high attendance and media presence. With over 12 years’ experience in organizing premium events, the PRIAevents Team is well-known for organizing events dedicated to the medical system.

More details, event agenda and entries for participation on the website:

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