Dr. Cristina VLADU – Health Policy Officer for ADR-Vlaanderen (Belgium) will attend Pria Healthcare Conference online on June 9th 2020, starting with 11,30 am

Priaevents and Belgian Luxembourg Romanian Moldovan Chamber of Commerce are organizing this important healthcare event with current topics of interest to the Romanian health system on June 9th, 2020, online, starting with 11.30.

For free broadcast please access https://bit.ly/304zDzN.  

We are honored to announce that Dr. Cristina VLADU – Health Policy Officer for ADR-Vlaanderen (Belgium) accepted our invitation to participate to this conference and to discuss important topics for healthcare in Romania.

Cristina Vladu, Health Policy Officer for ADR-Vlaanderen (Belgium) is a medical doctor by background specialized in Public Health and having a Master of Arts in Health Services Management in University of Manchester, UK. Cristina worked for a wide range of organizations – from grass roots NGOs to the Ministry of Health, World Bank, DGSANCO, UNICEF, ADR-Vlaanderen – leading for strategic change towards better quality of health care services. Cristina has a very good understanding of the health care system overall in Romania, having coordinated the development of the National Health Strategy 2014-2020 as a Councilor to the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health in 2013.

We will discuss about the Romanian health system, about the list of medicines and their price, about the specifications and when they will be ready, about the situation of the Romanian hospitals, about the pandemic concerns, about the CNAS attributions and systems and how it’s budget and how is allocated to the different types of diseases, about the situation of the medical staff, about the private health clinics, the health insurances.

Topics will also include the waiting time of patients for access innovative medicines, patients’ rights and the level of information among patients, as well as the general state of health of the population.

There was also talk about the disappearance of different medicines, the compensation of medical devices, the introduction of new innovative drugs on our market and the situation of medicine distributors and pharmaceutical chains

ADR-Vlaanderen (Action Villages Romania-Flanders) is a Flemish organization, accredited by the Flemish government, having worked for more, than 30 years to enable grass roots developments in twinned Romanian rural communities. These latest rural communities are organized under the umbrella of the Romanian organization, The Open Network for Community Development (TON). Health care is one important part of ADR/TON focus, a Health Masterplan being developed to highlight the needs for health care services for populations in rural communities. Relevant services such as the development of mutualistic arrangements in health (Case Study Slatina-Timiș), the development of home care services, of telemedicine-based services, the monitoring of chronic diseases, etc have been developed in order to increase the health status of rural population. Hence, ADR/ TON promote the rights for health of citizens in rural communities, their access to high quality and afoardable services and works to create large partnerships – Health Consortiums – with a wide range of actors from the citizen organizations, business community to decision makers and Embassies in order to advocate for healthier communities.


  • Vasile CEPOI – President/ State Secretary National Authority of Quality Management in Health
  • Cristian BUSOI –Member of The Health Comission of the EU Parliament
  • Dragos DAMIAN – CEO, Terapia
  • Dr. Carmen ORBAN – Manager, Monza Hospital
  • Calin BUZAN – Chief Growth Officer, Telios Care SA
  • Dr. Cristina VLADU – Health Policy Officer for ADR-Vlaanderen (Belgium)
  • Mariuca IVAN – General Manager, White-Yellow Cross Romania
  • Catalina COSTACHE – Director Executiv, Polisano Foundation

Please see below the RSVP contact and please let us know if you are interested to watch the event., there is also a Q&A session where you can ask question on Microsoft Teams platform of the event.

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To access the free broadcast of the event please click https://bit.ly/304zDzN.

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