National Public Procurement Strategy to be debated at PRIA Public Procurement Conference on November 8, 2017

National Public Procurement Strategy to be debated at PRIA Public Procurement Conference on November 8, 2017, organized by PRIAevents in Bucharest.

We will share with you important topics about the National Public Procurement Strategy, the legislative measures and novelties that the Ministry of Public Finance and the National Public Procurement Agency have in mind in order to stimulate the business environment.

You will also find out what are the proposals and solutions of the business environment, as well as the chambers of commerce.

All of this is extremely important for presidents, CEOs, financial directors, legal directors, development directors and entrepreneurs, for rigorous business planning.

We will discuss with the specialists about the legislative changes of the Law no. 98/2016 on public procurement.

PRIA Public Procurement Conference is addressed to participants tat take part in the public procurement system, addressing both those who are beginnerrs and those who already have experience in this field but also stakeholders, contracting authorities, economic operators, purchasing contracting authorities (both managers and officials directly involved in the procurement process): local government, central government or other institutions, European funding recipients, project managers in the business environment, as well as civil society and public institutions.

Therefore, the conference addresses to all those involved in public procurement, state and private,  and will be the best opportunity to discuss about the best possible conduct of public procurement processesand meet the most important public and buisness stakeholders.

The speakers are:

Bogdan PUŞCAŞ – President National Agency for Public Procurement (ANAP)

Bogdan CHIRIŢOIU – President, Competition Council Marcel Bogdan

PANDELICĂ – President, National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC)

Robert Sorin NEGOIŢĂ – President of the Romanian Union of Munitions

Cristian ERBAŞU – President, Federation of Employers’ Societies of Construction (FPSC)

Mihaela ION – Managing Associate, Popovici, Niţu Stoica & Asociaţii

Ramona PENTILESCU – Managing Associate, Popovici, Niţu Stoica & Asociaţii

Mihai MATEI – Vice President, Association of the Software and Solutions Industry (ANIS)

Silvia VLĂSCEANU – Executive Director, Association of Utilities Utilities Federation (ACUE)

Representatives of pharmaceutical and distribution companies, audit and consultancy company

PRIA Public Procurement Conference is the best opportunity to debate about the public procurement law. It is part of the PRIAevents series that brings to attention the most important and current topics of debate in each field and benefits from a high attendance and media presence. With over 12 years’ experience in organizing premium business events, the PRIAevents team is recognized for organizing events dedicated to the business environment in Romania.

During the PRIA Public Procurement conference, you will benefit from the legislative and fiscal news, knowledge, experiences, perspectives and strategies for 2018, high-level analyzes, interconnection between activities, as well as new amendments to Law no. 98/2016 on public procurement.

More details about the PRIA Public Procurement Conference and how to register for participation can be found at




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