Viorica Roșca is the new president of the Romanian Public Relations Association (ARRP)

The Romanian Public Relations Association (ARRP) has elected a new Board of Directors through direct and secret voting during the General Assembly held on May 28th. The new management team, consisting of professionals in Public Relations and Public Affairs from agencies and companies, is bringing forth an ambitious action plan aimed at increasing the association’s relevance both domestically and internationally, and significantly contributing to the development of Romania’s communication industry.

ARRP remains committed to its affiliation with ICCO and its representation in the world’s most important organization of Public Relations agencies, which brings together 41 national associations from 81 countries across Europe, America, and Australia. Likewise, ARRP aims to strengthen collaboration with professional associations in the region through joint actions to combat fake news, the deep fake phenomenon, and to implement the Principles of Artificial Intelligence Use, as outlined in the document developed by ICCO.

The newly elected Board of Directors consists of:

President: Viorica Roșca, PR & PA Officer at ROCKWOOL Romania

Vice Presidents:

  • Alexandra Mihăilescu – Partner at BDR Associates/Hill&Knowlton Strategies/WPP
  • Cezar Caluschi – General Manager at Oameni și Companii
  • Ruxandra Mateescu – Managing Director at Axios PR & Public Affairs
  • Cătălin Hosu – General Manager at COMM360

The mission of the Board of Directors is supported by the Honorary Jury, composed of highly reputable professionals from academia, institutions, and business sectors, whose mission is to define ARRP’s stance on professional ethics.

“First of all, I want to thank my colleagues in the association for their vote and trust, and I am very excited to continue the good projects started two years ago with a good part of the Board members. We worked hard, and because we had bold ideas, we achieved results that oblige us to implement these ideas at another level. In this mandate, we aim to include ARRP in the decision-making forum regarding regulations related to AI and fake news, to bring policymakers, regulatory authorities, academia, and professionals together to enforce professional ethics standards in public digital communication. We cannot regulate content, but we can regulate how false information is propagated in the public space. This is an inter-institutional activity that we want to be part of,” said Viorica Roșca, the new president of ARRP.

The new Honorary Jury is chaired by Dumitru Borțun, Professor at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations of SNSPA, and the elected members are: Dr. Liviu Mureșan – President of Eurodefense Romania, Cătălina Rousseau – President & CEO of BDR Associates/Hill&Knowlton Strategies/WPP, Gabriel Pâslaru – General Manager of Perfect Ltd., Corneliu Cojocaru – Independent Senior Consultant, Andreea Pleșa – Public Affairs Senior Director at Novo Nordisk Romania.

“ARRP is an association of professionals. One of the components of any professional conscience is professional morality. There is no immoral professional, despite clichés like ‘X is corrupt but a good professional.’ X can be a good specialist, but not a professional. The Honorary Jury of ARRP has the role of any ethics committee: it ensures that members comply with the organization’s Code of Good Practices, inspired by the ethical codes of the associations to which ARRP is affiliated. It encourages ethical communication in the public space and discourages attempts at manipulation and misinformation,” said Prof. Dr. Dumitru Borțun, President of the Honorary Jury of ARRP.

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